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We are a family business with many and varied life experiences that we bring together to offer you friendly and professional service. Our mixture of talent and skills ensures that you will have a superior experience and ultimately have a piece of art for your space that is unique and beautiful.

Why i-art Studios?

  i-art Studio provides a unique service for you to create beautiful interior designs make-over, wall murals, canvas artworks and a wide variety of art services at a very reasonable price and by one of the best artists in Orange County, California.

Our years of experience guarantee that you will love the final product and will experience great service throughout the process of making your vision into a reality.

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At i-art Studio, we value the opportunity to serve each one of our clients with the highest level of personal care and service. Just provide us with the details of your mural and we will search all our resources to realize your vision into a beautiful and unique piece of art that will transform your space to fit your unique lifestyle.

Transform ordinary spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, offices, schools, and businesses into extraordinary pieces of art.


We would love to add color to your walls with our custom hand-painted one-of-a-kind Oil/Acrylic artworks on canvas. We also offer a variety of personalized paintings in all sizes to match your color palette and unique personality.

The process starts by creating a visualization of your painting using many graphic design tools prior to starting the actual project. By combining different elements from different photos, we can transform your ideas into a magical unique piece of art.

Interior Design

Our approach to each project begins by listening carefully to our clients to identify their goals and objectives for each project.

From these objectives, we are able to direct the design decisions and solutions to create the perfect result for your vision. We are definitely able to help you completely renovate your space or simply translate your ideas into an efficient high quality 3D design prior to starting the actual project.

This simple approach ensures the best visual result for your budget, delivered with excellent quality and within efficient timeframes.


Graphic Design

Our Graphic design services will assist you in bringing your imaginative ideas into life. We strive to ensure your satisfaction with the quality of all our professional services in branding, graphic design, identity, illustration, logos or any other print work you may need.

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Hello dear future client,

As the founder of i-art Studio, I intend to do the best possible work I can for your future project; but first I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and explore some of the different projects we achieved. Once you are ready, let’s schedule a post-project review to extract your project ideas and make your unique vision into a beautiful reality.

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More About the Artist

About the Artist

I’m a plastic artist who has been painting professionally for over 12 years. Creating custom murals is my passion.

In a short period of time, I can create a beautiful piece of art before your eyes. Anything you can imagine: fine art paintings, murals, architecture renderings, patinas, portraits, Trompe L’oeil, landscape, walls or any other surfaces or objects (such as furniture)

We start brainstorming with a draft and if you like the results, we move from there.

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